All of the Heartbeat and Gender Reveal Bears sold by My Heartbeat Bear are only suitable for surface washing by hand and should never be washed in a washing machine. Using our handy tips below will have your bear or animal looking clean and new in no time.

Surface Washing by Hand

1. It should go without saying that if your bear or animal houses a Heartbeat Sound Module, then this should be removed and placed somewhere safe while you wash and dry your bear.

2. Fill your sink with some warm soapy water, we recommend using a good quality soap designed for babies as this will be gentle on your bear. Try not to use too much soap as this will make it more difficult to remove and rinse off, we also recommend a soap which isn't coloured (we'd hate to see your teddy take on a new colour)!

3. Dip a sponge into the water and gently start to rub the water onto the outside of the bear or animal. Try not to immerse the whole bear into the water as this will take a lot longer to dry. For debris and stains you can work the area with your finders to help clean the area. Once you have cleaned the bear from head to paw, check it over to make sure it's clean.

4. Using pure water and a new sponge or cloth, clean the bear once more paying attention to remove as much of the soap as possible (clean until the bubbles stop forming). At this stage you may wish to ring-out your bear to remove some of the excess water.

5. Sit your bear somewhere safe and let it completely dry. Try to avoid placing it in direct sunlight or in places that have too much heat. Once dry, fluff with your hands until it starts to look like your original bear. If your bear had a Heartbeat Sound Recorder it should now be safe to return to your bear.