If you need to access the inside of your bear or animal (for instance to add a Heartbeat Sound Recorder) make sure you follow our simple steps to safely seal your bear to stop little fingers getting inside in the future!

Baby Proof Your Bear

1. Your bear has 2 openings on its back, the outer opening is Velcro and the inner opening is a one-way zipper. Make sure when you place your Heartbeat Sound Recorder inside your bear that it is placed inside both openings for maximum safety.

2. After placing the Heartbeat Sound Recorder inside your bear or animal, close the internal opening by using the zipper (which should have a piece of thread to use as a handle). Once this zipper is closed, you should remove the thread with a pair of scissors which means a baby should no longer be able to get into the bear, however if you ever need to open it in the future a paperclip can be used to hook the zip and open it up.

3. Now it's time to close the outer Velcro opening which will usually have a fabric strip covering one side of the Velcro when you first get your bear. This fabric strip (if in place) should be removed which will then make it possible to Velcro the opening shut. It should be possible to seal your bear so that the opening is hardly visible to the eye.