When it comes to replace the battery in your Heartbeat Sound Recorder, you'll be delighted to know that it will not delete your original heartbeat recording and is an easy process. You will be required to open the sound recorder to replace the batteries, so if this is something you don't feel confident doing please find a friend who may be able to help you. To replace the batteries you will need 3 x LR44 batteries and 1 x fiat head screwdriver. If for any reason you have any issues, please contact our friendly team using our contact page.

How to replace the batteries in your Heartbeat Sound Recorder

1. Place the sound recorder on a flat and clean surface and turn the central dial to the “P” (play) position.

2. Carefully remove the plastic cover of the sound recorder using the screwdriver taking care not to damage the unit.

3. Remove the old batteries from the sound recorder and replace with new LR44 batteries. If for any reason the old batteries have leaked into the sound recorder, please contact us for advice.

4. Replace the sound recorders plastic cover with the central dial still in the “P” (play) position. Test your sound recorder and return it to your Heartbeat Bear.