Using the included Heartbeat Sound Recorder from your Heartbeat Bear couldn't be easier and makes the whole experience stress free. Remember you have 20 seconds of recording space to capture your baby's heartbeat, which is more than enough time for a lovely and magical recording. If for any reason you have any issues, please contact our friendly team using our contact page.

How to record your baby's heartbeat on your Heartbeat Sound Recorder

1. To record a 20 second message on your Heartbeat Sound Recorder, please make sure the dial is turned to the “R” (record) position and hold down the central button. A red light will illuminate on left side of sound recorder which indicates that a recording is in progress.

2. Release the central button when you are finished with your recording. Remember you have 20 seconds of recording time.

3. To play and review your recording, turn the dial to “P” (play) position and press the central button. The heartbeat recording will then play.

4. If you are happy with your heartbeat recording, you are then able to lock the sound recorder by holding down the central button while the dial is in the “P” (play) position. Hold the button down for approximately 12 seconds and you should hear a single beep confirming the recorder has been locked.

5. If you need to unlock the sound recorder for any reason, hold down the central button while the dial is in the “P” (play) position for approximately 12 seconds. When the recorder unlocks you will hear two beeps.

6. To turn off your sound recorder, set the central dial to the “0” (off) position. This will turn off the sound recorder for safe storage.