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Designing A Nursery For Your Precious Bundle

Designing A Nursery For Your Precious Bundle

So it’s been confirmed – you’re pregnant and your dream is to become a reality, 40 weeks or so down the line! Exciting times ahead and the days will pass so quickly with so much to do but where to begin? Aside from all the appointments, dietary changes, and fitness regimes you are scheduling you will also want to start to think about designing a nursery for your precious bundle.

Get onto social media for ideas on style and colour - Pinterest is a particularly good platform to find help with the aesthetic you want to create for your baby’s first room.

With everything from muted Scandi styles to bright bold colourways, the designs are infinite. Fashion trends come and go, so you may decide to choose something timeless which will work now and in the future as the nursery evolves into a child’s bedroom.

If you are a fan of neutral shades, use wooden and rattan furniture and cashmere and sheepskin rugs and throws to create a classic nursery style. Complement with organic bedding and choose, or if you are feeling creative and have time, make wool or felt mobiles to suspend over the bassinet or cot. Our particular favourites are the tranquil Cam Cam Copenhagen’s mobiles which are handmade from organic cotton and feature twinkly rainbows and raindrops in calming shades of pale pink and blue or gender neutral sea green. Once your baby is out of the cot, they can be displayed on a nursery wall as a treasured keepsake creating a wonderfully calm environment.

In the first three months of eye development, new-borns can only focus about 8-12 inches from their face and they see only black, white and grey. As a result you may want to use grey, or black and white patterned fabrics, sheets, muslins, cushions or throws. Many parents-to-be opt for a grey nursery theme as a result –useful too if you want a gender neutral colour which is also soothing.

If you want to go colour crazy with your baby room fantasies it may be better to introduce pops of colour at a later stage. We know as babies get older they do respond well to colour so you can then indulge those fantasies and have some fun with the nursery décor. Mix and match with lavenders and minty aquas or opt for one shade for an eye catching effect. There are a number of striking wallpaper designs out there too with designs featuring animal prints and different coloured backgrounds – some are wipe clean which is always a bonus with sticky hands around – opt for one feature wall and paint the remainder of the room in a complementary colour. We like the range of nursery wallpaper murals from which have a great selection. From jungle or forest wallpaper to rainbow, star and animal designs, you can create a stimulating or calming environment and add soft textured accessories to complete the look.

Then onto the art of window dressing and you will need to think long term about your choice as you will want something chic but safe, pretty but practical. Blinds with long cords can pose a strangulation hazard for toddlers so if choosing blinds, you may want to consider buying them with breakaway cords which break when stressed. Curtains are a softer option and you can use them to enhance the nursery theme - it may also be worth considering installing double lined UV blocking drapes to keep out the heat during afternoon naps.

So what are you waiting for – put the kettle on, and your feet up – and design your dream nursery – enjoy !