My Heartbeat Bear launches!

My Heartbeat Bear launches!

We're happy to announce that My Heartbeat Bear has launched and we've got lots of amazing products to share with you.  We're not fans of fanfare, celebration and fuss... Who are we kidding, yes we are and to celebrate our launch we're offering £5 off your order of £25 or more until the end of June 2019 by using the code LAUNCH during the checkout process.

Who are you?

So you may be wondering what we're all about... Well My Heartbeat Bear is an arm of Be My Bear who specialise in the make-a-bear concept and have been trading since 2001.  With Be My Bear's focus on the bear making party market, we felt a new arm of the business focussing on Heartbeat Bears was needed - and My Heartbeat Bear was born.

What is a Heartbeat Bear?

Well we're glad you asked!  A Heartbeat Bear is a teddy bear or animal with a concealed pocked in it's back which houses a sound recorder.  By taking this sound recorder with you to your next routine baby scan, you are able to record your unborn baby's heartbeat on the sound recorder and then pop it back inside your teddy.  For years to come you can then enjoy the sound of your baby's heartbeat.  Don't miss a beat, order your own Heartbeat Bear today.

Below we've chosen a few of our favourite Heartbeat Bears and animals, but please have a good look around our website yourself as we're sure something will take your fancy.

Heartbeat Bear Showcase